Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Under the Weather

So far my stay in Wellington has been preoccupied with getting/staying warm and dry, no easy feat in the biting wet Southerly that blasted through the city over ANZAC weekend. I have limited my activities, as far as possible, to those taking place in proximity to heaters. The highlight of my trip to Wellington was an afternoon in Karori, drinking tea in front of the gas heater with my adorable nine-week old neice keeping my lap warm (if slightly damp from time to time).

I have also managed to stay pretty warm at the enormous dinner parties I have attended every night so far: Passover Seder for 20 in front of a roaring fire in Eastbourne on Saturday, second night Seder for 100 tightly packed bodies at the synogogue on Sunday, and my daughter's 19th birthday on the floor of a Japanese restaurant (party of 12 including the Japanese mother of her best friend who gave me a miraculous disposable heating pad from Japan).

Thankfully today has dawned clear so at least I won't get slashed by horizontal rain while I tromp around town selling books and buying things to make them with. And when I finally get around to changing the flat tire (noticed in the dark cold rain last night and consequently procrastinated on) I will only have to contend with the vertical slope on which I am parked, not a gushing torrent in the gutter.

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Jane said...

Yes, well we had ice (large hail stone)literally piling up in mounds at the door and around the garden! Sadly no dinner parties to make up for the cold...and the field mice have started to take advantage of the lack of cat situation.....still we kept nice and warm with our fire and lovely home made soup.