Monday, April 11, 2005


(My mouth is still a bit numb as I type this so forgive me if I lithp or drool a little).

In my 30s I am a vigilant oral hygenist- my love of flossing is so well known that I was actually given a designer floss holder for my birthday and the little guy gives it up to me every day. The logical outcome of this hypercare routine would be, you would hope, the kind of visits to the dentist that result in a very small charge and smug satisfaction at no work needed.

Sadly I am bolting the barn door after the horse has run away to join the circus. My vigilance is a reaction to early and sustained dental trauma including 5 root canals- three of them on two teeth subsequantly extracted and don't even get me started on impacted wisdom teeth. I have spent most of the last six years working in Wellington to pay exhorbitant sums to repair the work of careless dentists in small towns. And, I admit, my ongoing sugar addiction means I am fighting a losing battle. Even though my beloved grandpa Lou was a dentist, I find it difficult to feel good about them as a professional group, sucking up all my disposable income and causing me great pain.

So when I flossed a filling out of one of my remaining molars last week I went into a mild panic at the thought of having to find a new dentist I could trust sufficiently with my poor mouth. But, I am happy to report that today I actually enjoyed a visit to my new Whangarei dentist, Dr Asi Cohen at the Smile Care Dental Studio.

In stylish surroundings, amid much friendly chat and useful explanations, he did what seems to be an excellent job on my tooth. I was pleasantly distracted during the whole procedure by a DVD of the (appropriately) jaw-dropping Cirque de Soleil and would have willing stayed in the chair longer to watch more.

PS My only complaint is that on my browser, his website doesn't have a navigation bar. But here's the link anyway.
PPS I just want to point out that my Wellington dentist, Dr Andrew Brown, is also a sweetie pie and dental hero.


Dental phobic Jane from Dunedin said...

Oooo dentists (shudder)- the worst I have had to have is a crown (opted for a piratesque gold crown on a lower molar) and that was bad enough (involving involuntary weeping/sobbing on my part at the injection stage). Glad you have found someone good!

rachlovestheweb said...

Dr Asi Cohen is Jewish!! And the site sez he's good with his hands!! Is he single??