Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Radio New Zealand

Hooray! At long last my audio-deprivation is ended. I have got a radio into the house that actually has all its bits and works! I instantly tuned in to Radio New Zealand, even Wayne Mowatt is welcome, but I can't wait for Saturday afternoons when RNZ makes the best listening around.

And I can almost forgive them for calling off the production of my radio play/poem 'Fall' which was to be broadcast as part of the Open Story Season before the season was cancelled with no real explanation of why. I was pretty excited in anticipation of hearing my work on air. But Oh well, I am planning instead to publish Fall on my website when it is updated any day/week now.

(Fall is Solomon's Song of Songs- the sexiest and most romantic thing in the Bible- transposed to a contemporary New Zealand midlife romance. I'll let you know when it gets on line.)


LaQuisha said...

Oh m' god!

I love the National Programme (as you probably already know).

Do listen to Linda Clarke for me.


PS, hi Jane!

Jane from Dunedin said...

Hey, girlfriends!

This further inspires me to buy a new walk-woman so I don't miss out when I am out trimming hedges, pruning roses or up the ladder painting the house...I can live with the blue and white paint marks (from my sticky fingers) on my old one, and with the lack of a battery cover (they are held in with a hair band!), but I have now broken the wire to my left ear piece and I cannot deal with sound only coming in one ear!