Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Cafe work

The most enjoyable days working at the cafe are when there aren't too many customers- just enough to keep us from being bored- and I get to bake cakes. Grey, wet days are usually the quietest, since most of our tables are outside and in general customers don't like sitting in the rain to eat their cakes. Yesterday was like that: Carrot Cakes, Ginger Cakes and Coconut Cakes, all good. Those are the days when I am happy to go from cake to cake without taking a break because this is Fun.

The least enjoyable days are hot and busy and understaffed. When every second customer wants a full cooked breakfast and some variation on the menu options (you want a vegetarian breakfast with bacon? hello! pig was not a vegetable last time I looked). When there is no time to clear tables, wash dishes, go to the toilet, wipe the sweat from your brow. When we can't plug the fan in because all the electrical outlets are running toasters. When snooty customers send back the food because they forgot to mention they don't like capsicum. When all the staff get cranky and start snapping and sulking with eachother. Those are the days that leave my feet throbbing for the rest of the week.

I have to leave for work now, another wet grey day, yay!


rachlovestheweb said...

it was wet and grey up there?? it was hot and sunny here today!

zydeco fish said...

This brings back vivid memories of when I was a waiter. I can't say I liked the experience, but for some reason, being a waiter made me feel very organized.