Monday, February 27, 2006

Glenn Colquhoun

This is Glenn Colquhoun, the highlight of my Hamilton Arts Festival experience. I've been enjoying his work in print for some years so was looking forward to seeing him read live at 'Rugs and Rhymes' on Friday night. My expectations were surpased. Not only does his poetry read aloud very well, but he is a natural performer and comedian who had the whole audience eating out of his hand from the first minute to the last poem of the encore.

I've been trying to find a link to some of his poetry on line for you to read: at first this was the only thing I could find. Then I found this which is a bit weird. And this which I hadn't seen before. Here's a nice bit of his prose which is resonant with the first collection he had published, The Art of Walking Upright. But best of all, best of all, is this treasure trove, none of which I had read before, so they don't include any that had been categorised as My Favourites, but my goodness me there are some very lovely poems if you follow this link. I particularly recommend this link to English teachers, and anyone who cares deeply for a poet. You know who you are.

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