Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Introducing Ziggy!

While not a particularly flattering photo, this does represent a typical encounter with Ziggy, one of the two dogs who live part-time at Te Horo. Despite her advanced years (note the elegantly greying muzzle) she never misses an opportunity to come and say hello with great enthusiasm. She sings, she licks, she wags, she runs in circles like a crazy thing. She also chases and catches rabbits and likes to have bits of rabbit strewn across the lawn to gnaw on later.

I am not a 'dog person', but Ziggy has won me over with her relentless affection for me. It helps that she is an outside dog, although if the back door is open but no humans are about she'll come tiptapping up the hall to find the lazy slugabeds and try and persuade us to come out and play. She doesn't seem to realise that when she has rabbit-breath the invitation is much less appealing.

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