Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Recovery and Moses

The agony is over. I put my back out at work on Sunday, lifting heavy racks of dishes in and out of the sterilizer. Three days of aches and pains followed but finally this afternoon I seem to have come right. Was it the lavender oil baths, the lovely backrubs with various ointments (thanks Al!), the careful stretches and excercises twice a day, my careful posture whether sitting, standing or lying with pillows under my knees, continuing to work but asking my workmates to do most of my bending and lifting tasks for me (thanks Allie and Tina!), or just the passage of time? Who knows, but I am hugely relieved to be pain-free and somewhat flexible again. I have too much I want to do and can't be bothered slowing down right now.

On my way home from the cafe tonight I impulsived picked up a hitchiker, even though I was only travelling 7 kms. His name was Moses (which, to me, made it worthwhile just to have shaken his hand) and he was travelling home to Wanganui from a long weekend celebrating Fiji's Sevens Rugby win. I don't usually have anything to contribute to conversations about rugby, but I happened to have watched the finals of the Sevens so I could be knowledgably excited about Fiji's thrillingly close victory over South Africa. Moses told me about his experience of those final minutes of the match at least three times in the five minutes we spent together. It is a privilege to share someone's joy like that.

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