Friday, February 17, 2006

Right Bank Arts Festival

I'm almost ready for the Hamilton Right Bank Arts Festival next weekend. Loyal readers may be wondering why on earth I am going to yet another market, when all my market experiences to date have been breakeven at best. I wonder that too, and have been to-ing and fro-ing with my committment for months.

Reasons to do it include
1. As a 'working artist' I don't have to pay a stall fee, I just have to make books all day in full view of the punters. I like making books. I have prepped four Treasure Hunts and two Time Traveller's Journals that can be finished without resorting to much adhesive or presses or other awkward steps, so I don't anticipate any difficulties.
2. I like to visit Hamilton. I get to stay with Jo and Cam and Ruby the Dog and Audrey and Socks the cats, who are all lots of fun. I get to hang out with my Best Friend Sarah. I'll visit with mum and dad, and see with my own eyes the dramatic results of the Disgusting Soup Diet as reported in weekly phone calls from ever shrinking parental units. I love the Waikato River and the parks that line it and look forward to familiar walks in beautiful surroundings.
3. Al is coming too and we are going to take the maximum time possible (5 days between cafe shifts) and make a little holiday of this trip. We are going to stop in Tauranga on the way up (to collect the new Trade Me ride-on mower) and I will meet Elizabeth and hang out with Ruby Grace. We're going to make special visits to Raglan (and maybe Pirongia) to collect some 'treasures' for the Treasure Hunt books I'll be sewing up at the Festival (the covers with local maps are already done).
4. There are lots of lovely arts festival events happening for free while we are there and I look forward to picnics in the park enjoying poetry, music and dance.

Reasons not to go all involve pessimism about not making much/enough/any money and consequential depression and continuing poverty.

So of course I'm going to go. If you are in Hamilton next Saturday 25 February, please do come along to the Piazza in the Hamilton Gardens and visit my table. If you identify yourself as a blog reader, you will receive a special 10% discount on any purchase!

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Bookfraud said...

can't say i'm going to be in hamilton next week, so good luck with the fair. however, i do have friends in wellington (i'm in ny city), so maybe i'll have them go your way...